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Ultraculture With Jason Louv

Jun 20, 2022

One of privileged few who spent time with the “Black Pope” in the last decade of his life, Carl Abrahamsson met Anton LaVey in 1989, sparking an “infernally” empowering friendship. In his new  book on LaVey - "Anton LaVey and the Church of Satan" - Abrahamsson explores what LaVey was really about, where he came from, and how he shaped the esoteric landscape of the 1960s.

Carl Abrahamsson is a Swedish writer, publisher, filmmaker, photographer and musician. He has written extensively about "occulture" – how occultism and hidden ideas interact with our general culture (literature, cinema, music, art etc). Abrahamsson also writes fiction and journalism. He is the editor and publisher of the annual magico-anthropological journal The Fenris Wolf, and the founder of the publishing company Trapart Books.

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