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Ultraculture With Jason Louv

May 8, 2023

Michael Lee Nirenberg, author of the book "Earth A.D. The Poisoning of The American Landscape and the Communities that Fought Back," stops by to talk about his book. From the description: "A sweeping oral history of two American Superfund sites. Comprised of hundreds of interviews with political, environmental, corporate leaders as well as the citizens affected by living in these toxic zones, Nirenberg tells the stories behind the Tar Creek lead mine wasteland in rural Oklahoma compared and contrasted with the history of chemical poisoning of Newtown Creek in the now real-estate hotspot, Brooklyn, NY. The sagas of Tar Creek and Newtown show how wealth, racism, and the rural-urban divide influences how environmental disasters are viewed. The diverse voices are woven into a quick-paced modern-day thriller drawn from firsthand interviews with the people who both witnessed and participated in what became some of the most expensive man-made environmental disasters. Everyone from governors to scientists to fishermen to teachers to kids tells their stories of Earth after disaster in this riveting true story. Earth A.D. is a documentation of the past and a warning to the future." A good time is had by all! 

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