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Ultraculture With Jason Louv

Jun 12, 2023

Step into a world less explored in this compelling episode of the ULTRACULTURE podcast—in an exclusive conversation with philosopher Ian Cutler, a unique scholar with a deep interest in the Cynic school and a personal passion for documenting the uncharted territories of society. Known for his detailed chronicling of the lives of tramps, vagabonds, and hobos throughout the world, Cutler's work sheds light on the often overlooked individuals that escaped the control grid of civilization to pursue freedom on their own terms.

In our conversation, Cutler takes us on a fascinating journey, starting from his attraction to the Cynic philosophy and its context in modern life, to his captivating experiences in the field. As he recounts his encounters with these marginalized communities, Cutler challenges us to look at society from a new perspective, unearthing the wisdom hidden in the places least expected.

If you've ever thought about packing it all in and heading off into the big wide world to chase thrilling adventure instead of boring responsibility, this episode's for you!

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