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Ultraculture With Jason Louv

Sep 25, 2023

In this deeply thoughtful and enlightening episode, we have the pleasure of conversing with Anne-Marie Keppel, the award-winning author of “Death Nesting” and a fervent advocate for compassionate, holistic end-of-life care. Anne-Marie opens up about her journey into the realm of death doula practices and the insights that have shaped her understanding of death as a sacred rite of passage. Through her blend of ancient and modern techniques, she offers a unique perspective on caring for the dying and supporting loved ones through the grieving process.

Anne-Marie delves into the practical aspects of caring for bedridden individuals, sharing techniques to ease the physical challenges of the dying process. She sheds light on the significance of emotional soothing, breathing practices, and the role of ceremony and energetic boundaries in creating a sacred space around the dying. Her insights into Reiki, ancestral support, and herbal care reveal a multifaceted approach to nourishing and healing on a spirit level.

Listeners will find solace and strength in Anne-Marie’s guidance on navigating challenging conversations around death, particularly with children. Her mindfulness practices offer a path to contemplating one's own mortality, and her reflections on self-care provide support for those moving with grief. Join us as we explore the poignant, sacred, and profoundly human aspects of embracing the end of life.

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