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Ultraculture With Jason Louv

Oct 2, 2023

In this evocative episode, we delve into the multidimensional life and works of Timothy Wyllie (1940-2017). This is a remaster of the conversation we had with him shortly before his death—it was just too important to leave in the vaults.

We talk about angels, the Process, ketamine, PCP, UFOs, disembodied intelligences, and ALL KINDS of other WEIRD SH*T. You're gonna love it!

From his roots in Great Britain and his education as an architect, to his pioneering explorations into out-of-body experiences, telepathic communications with dolphins, and profound interactions with nonphysical beings, Wyllie's journey is a testament to the vast potential of human experience. From ventures in New York City's business scene to his subsequent retirement into the world of creative endeavors, Wyllie was a fascinating and multifaceted individual, and listeners will be captivated by the blend of the tangible and ethereal in Wyllie's life.

Timothy's unique "Bozon Music" — a harmonious fusion of True Age improvisational jazz and shamanic heartbeats — and his meditative guided visualizations offer a sonic glimpse into his spiritual psyche. Meanwhile, his intricate drawings of sacred landscapes serve as visual portals to sacred spaces. Throughout the episode, we'll explore the inspirations and aspirations that drove Wyllie's lectures, seminars, and writings, including his acclaimed books like "Ask Your Angels" and the "Rebel Angels" series. Join us on this enlightening journey as we celebrate the legacy of a man who seamlessly wove the fabric of the physical and spiritual worlds together.

Show Notes

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