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Ultraculture With Jason Louv

Oct 30, 2023

Mark Alan Miller is a Saturn-Award winning producer and New York Times Bestselling author. He has written and produced dozens of titles across high-level outlets. He’s developed and created content with Clive Barker, Tom Holland, Joe R. Lansdale, Dark Horse Comics, Boom Studios, St. Martin’s Press and more.

Additionally feature and television work has been seen on Prime, Peacock, Netflix, and Hulu. He is the Founder and President of Encyclopocalypse Publications, which boasts top tier clientele and titles across all genres. Mark has represented, organized, developed, and produced hundreds of hours of content that have grossed millions of dollars for his clients and collaborators.

In this SPECIAL HALLOWEEN FREAK-OUT, we talk about writing, horror, magick, kundalini, entities from beyond and the Very Very Scary Things that happen at Clive Barker's house. ENJOY!!!!!!

Show Notes