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Ultraculture With Jason Louv

Feb 12, 2024

In this episode of the Ultraculture podcast, Jason Louv is joined by P. D. Newman, an expert in the fields of alchemy, Hermeticism, and theurgy, with over two decades of immersion in these esoteric traditions. Newman shares insights from his latest work, a profound exploration into the ancient practice of theurgy, tracing its origins beyond the commonly acknowledged timeframe back to the era of Homer. He highlights how theurgy, a magical practice aimed at divinizing the soul for mystical union with the divine, shares roots with shamanic soul flight practices and was articulated in the epic meter of Homeric Greek.

Newman delves into the theurgic themes present in the Odyssey and the Iliad, such as Odysseus's journey to Hades and the funeral pyre of Patroclus, showcasing the interconnectedness of Greek shamanic practices and theurgical rites. He also discusses the significant contributions of Neoplatonists like Porphyry and Proclus, who described theurgy using Homeric terms and linked it to broader philosophical and ritual contexts.

Through a detailed analysis of telestikē, the theurgic technique of statue animation, and the divinization of the soul, Newman illustrates the ancient and complex nature of these practices, connecting them to Egyptian and Greek traditions. His study not only sheds light on the philosophical underpinnings of theurgy but also provides a rare glimpse into the actual ritual practices of ancient theurgists.

This is an EXCELLENT and very unexpected show that goes on some very, very, very interesting tangents. You're going to love it.

Show Notes

P. D. Newman: Theurgy: Theory and Practice

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