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Ultraculture With Jason Louv

Jun 24, 2024

Dr. David Shoemaker is a clinical psychologist in private practice, specializing in Jungian and cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy. David is the Chancellor and Prolocutor of the Temple of the Silver Star, a Thelemic initiatory and educational organization. He is a long-standing member of O.T.O. and A.'.A.'., and has many years of experience training initiates in these traditions.
David's popular “Living Thelema” podcasts have appeared regularly since 2010, and his widely praised Living Thelema book was published in late 2013. His 2016 publication, The Winds of Wisdom, contains a full record of his scrying of the Thirty Enochian Aethyrs, as well as Llewellyn's Complete Book of Ceremonial Magick, co-edited with Lon Milo DuQuette. David has co-edited many volumes of the writings of Thelemic luminaries such as Phyllis Seckler, Karl Germer, and Jane Wolfe. In addition to his work in magick and psychology, David is a composer and musician.
In his latest book, The Way of the Will, Shoemaker explores how the spiritual discipline of Thelema, founded by Aleister Crowley (1875-1947), can be utilized to enhance your psychological and spiritual growth. The book grew out of the author's own teachings and experiences—podcast episodes, classes, and of course, many years of personal practice and supervision of other initiates. It is a compendium of useful tools and perspectives designed to serve as one of many useful guides in the magician's library.

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