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Ultraculture With Jason Louv

Aug 23, 2021

What do you do when you've learned several meditation styles, but you can't choose which one to commit to? How do you decide which is the "best" style, and get over the fear that you might be missing out by not choosing the "right" one? How do you choose and commit? I talk to a student about this very very common...

Aug 16, 2021

A student and I discuss the conscious and unconscious mechanisms of sigil magick, and what to do when anxiety gets in the way. Also, we discuss the collapse of the world and the necessity of self-defense... because we do, truly, live in a society.

Aug 9, 2021

In which a student shares his profound story of recovery from severe drug-induced brain damage, and the terrible things he found on the shores of Death and Hell.

Aug 3, 2021

Gabriela Herstik is an author, columnist and witch based in Los Angeles. She is the author of Inner Witch: A Modern Guide to the Ancient Craft (known as Craft in the UK), Bewitching the Elements: A Guide to Empowering Yourself Through Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit and Embody Your Magick: A Guided Journal For the...